Volcano Webinar – Cloud Native System For High-Performance Workloads

A training and demo was done on 5th July 2023 online as a combined OEHI and DECICE event. The webinar was recorded and can be accessed at and training materials can be found in

About Volcano

Volcano is system for running high-performance workloads on Kubernetes. It features powerful batch scheduling capability that Kubernetes cannot provide but is commonly required by many classes of high-performance workloads, including:

·         Machine learning/Deep learning

·         Bioinformatics/Genomics

·         Other big data applications

These types of applications typically run on generalized domain frameworks like TensorFlow, Spark, PyTorch, and MPI. Volcano is integrated with these frameworks to allow you to run your applications without adaptation efforts while enjoying remarkable batch scheduling.

Author: Nico Mittenzwey



Volcano, Kubernetes, OEHI, DECICE, webinar, training, demo

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