UGOE and their contribution to DECICE: The University of Göttingen as coordinator in the DECICE project; UGOE Logo, and DECICE Logo, dynamic looking cube in project identity colours (light blue, middle and dark blue as well es lila)

The University of Göttingen as coordinator in the DECICE project

The University of Göttingen (UGOE) is an internationally important research university with a long tradition. The science location Göttingen itself stands for international top research and innovative potential. It is characterized by the high density and spatial proximity of university and non-university research institutions, which are linked by inspiring and interdisciplinary cooperation. These optimal conditions ensure, among other things, that the University of Göttingen, in the form of the High-Performance Computing Chair of Prof. Dr. Julian Kunkel, holds the coordinating position in the DECICE project. The research goal and the requirements in the DECICE project overlap to a large extent with the competencies of the chair. The research group “High Performance Storage” does intensive research on topics like Organic HPC, which investigates heterogeneous storage and computing hardware. Within the framework of DECICE, several theses as well as a doctoral thesis are planned. Thus, existing resources and competences of the working group can be symbiotically brought into the project and allow a comprehensive support in close cooperation with the GWDG (Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen). On the one hand, it underlines the ambition of the University of Göttingen to take a leading role in cloud management, as well as the importance of Göttingen as a science location.

Authors: Alexander Goldmann (UGOE)



research university | research | innovation | High Performance Computing | High Performance Storage | Organic HPC | heterogeneous storage | computing hardware | cloud management

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