E4 presented DECICE at ITADATA 2023

Presentation of DECICE Poster on the Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science

E4 Computer Engineering is a Partner of the DECICE project Consortium. In September 2023, participation in two important national-level events was planned, with the goal to keep updated on the most recent trends in the HPC sector, network, and do dissemination on some of the European projects in which the company is currently involved. There was thus the opportunity to present DECICE project and posters at the following events:

· 49th National Congress of Physical Chemistry

· Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science


ITADATA 2023 | Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science – Naples, 11-13/09/2023

E4 Computer Engineering, as one of the DECICE project’s Partners, attended ITADATA 2023 as sponsor and exhibitor. The second edition of the Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science was held at Parthenope University of Naples on September 11-13 and was supported by CINI (National Interuniversity Consortium for IT) Big Data National

The event brought together Italian researchers and professionals from Academia, Industry, Government and Public Administration in the fields of big data, data science and related sectors (e.g., security and privacy, HPC, Cloud) who participated in a dense panel of talks and workshops. The main purpose, in fact, was discussing and outlining the future scenarios of big data and data science at both national and European levels, by also considering the multidisciplinary, complex, and data-centric environment in which modern distributed systems operate.

ITADATA 2023 covered theoretical and practical research and applications related to all aspects of data, from data governance to data processing and analytics, and related domains where data technologies are key, such as cloud and high-performance intelligent computing. It also represented an opportunity to show how Data Science, as the foundation of today’s data-driven society, plays the role of developing and defining all the technologies needed to support the value creation on data in multidisciplinary areas of increasing complexity. 

During the conference, several talks and panels took place: besides a main research track on big data and data science, a number of tutorial and demos on specific solutions and prototypes were organized, as well as thematic workshop on specific verticals. ITADATA 2023 also featured selected keynote speeches, some panels, and a poster session.

Daniele Gregori, CSO of E4 Computer Engineering, gave a speech on the company’s involvement in several European projects and presented the posters of some of them, including DECICE, to the interested attendees, by focusing in particular on E4’s role in the project, which consists in integrating testing task and leading the activities on deployment, validation and performance assessment. 

Find out more about DECICE at the “49th National Congress of Physical Chemistry” in our next News Article published on the 24th of November 2023.


Author: Maria Vittoria Fontanesi (E4)



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European projects, High Performance Computing, HPC, Cloud

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