Connecting the Dots: DECICE and SM4RTENANCE to shape the future of Cloud orchestration and Manufacturing.

In a remarkable convergence of strategic initiatives, the kick-off meeting for the SM4RTENANCE project and the progress meeting for DECICE took place on the same days, the former in Bilbao and the latter in Vienna.

SM4RTENANCE: Pioneering Data Collaboration in Manufacturing

As SM4RTENANCE embarked on its mission in Bilbao, the project set its sights on establishing a data space for the manufacturing industry. The goal is to foster collaboration among stakeholders, creating a dynamic environment for multiple services.

DECICE: Forging the Path in Cloud Management

Simultaneously, in Vienna, the DECICE project advanced in the creation of an AI-based, open, and portable cloud management framework. This framework is designed to optimise and seamlessly deploy applications across a federated infrastructure, contributing to the evolution of cloud orchestration.

TOP-IX Consortium: A Bridge Across Initiatives

At the core of this convergence lies the TOP-IX consortium, a partner in both SM4RTENANCE and DECICE projects. The consortium’s dual involvement uniquely positions TOP-IX as a bridge, connecting the establishment of a neutral data space for maintenance services with the development of an innovative cloud management framework.

Network-Centric Approach

The concurrent participation of the TOP-IX consortium in both projects holds distinct advantages, particularly in the realm of network enforcement. In fact, TOP-IX’s active involvement is specifically focused on navigating the network interconnection and network neutrality topics. This dual presence not only ensures a cohesive approach to industry transformation but also amplifies the commitment to network sovereignty through persistent attention to network-centric strategies.

Author: Christian Racca  


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