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Addressing safety risks in traffic with intelligent intersections

Safety is a critical concern on urban roads with the increasing number of vehicles in daily traffic. Intersections have significant importance in the context of road traffic safety as more than 50 percent of road accidents occur at or near intersections [1]. To address this issue, BigTRI utilizes Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) technologies and develops solutions for the safety of Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) that relies on the synergy of cloud, edge, and device collaboration.

BigTRI [2] is an R&D company that develops cutting-edge solutions for various domains in the industry. With its expertise in smart mobility and connected vehicles, VRU safety in intelligent intersections is the use case that BigTRI contributes to the DECICE project with VeNIT Lab [3] for demonstrating the capabilities of the Device-Edge-Collaboration Framework being developed during the project.

Intelligent intersections utilize sensors, cameras, and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication ability to monitor traffic flow, detect potential hazards, and optimize signal timings in real time. Increasing the safety of VRUs, which are pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, etc., will be possible by increasing awareness of automated and human-driven vehicles about the hazard risks and VRUs’ positions through V2X communication and real-time image processing. Handling the strict requirements for realizing the use case on the edge and efficient resource management will be possible through the DECICE Framework.

Moreover, BigTRI will take part in the project with its expertise in computer networks, data collection, and data management. Optimizing network and telemetry metrics collection, development of application programming interfaces, and storage solution development will be the other areas in that BigTRI will show its contribution to the project.

Author: Berkay Yaman


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