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Open Edge and HPC Initiative powering DECICE to success

Open Edge and HPC Initiative (OEHI) is a non-profit association registered with the Dutch chamber of commerce with the vision to foster the development of an open and feature-rich ecosystem for Arm and RISC-V based technologies in HPC and computing continuum domains. OEHI has supported DECICE project from the project initiation stage and continues to support it, in the successful execution of the project. Many OEHI members also participate in DECICE project as well.

OEHI main technical focus is on HPC ecosystem development and innovation in compute continuum domain and there is a good synergy with the main aims of DECICE. OEHI aims to power the success of DECICE project by

  1. Technical collaboration in the HPC and compute continuum projects (OEHI) and DECICE
  2. Access to OEHI hardware/SW resources and HPC clusters for research and development
  3. Supporting educational and training activities
  4. Co-organisation of and participation in technical workshops, Webinars and Hackathons
  5. Marketing and Dissemination of project results and collaboration

HAICGU cluster at the Goethe University of Frankfurt, is one of the many OEHI clusters (with 28 Arm compute nodes and 2 AI nodes) that will be made available as a pilot for development and validation of use cases in phase1 testing and integration (as described in the project proposal). HAICGU cluster software environment will be maintained by OEHI to support DECICE goals. OEHI will also complement the project requirements with access to Edge, Cloud and data storage resources in the future.

This OEHI and DECICE cooperation kicks starts a successful partnership that will drive technical progress and innovation in the coming years to come.

Author: Karthee Sivalingam

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