Presentation of DECICE Poster on the National Congress on Physical Chemistry 2023

E4 Computer Engineering is a Partner of the DECICE project Consortium. In September 2023, participation in two important national-level events was planned, with the goal to keep updated on the most recent trends in the HPC sector, network, and do dissemination on some of the European projects in which the company is currently involved. There was thus the opportunity to present DECICE project
and posters at the following events:

·        49th National Congress of Physical Chemistry

·        Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science


CDCF 2023 | National Congress on Physical Chemistry –
Turin, 4-7/09/2023

On 4–7 September, the Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences of the University of Turin hosted the 49th National Congress of Physical Chemistry, promoted by the Physical Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society. The event brought  together researchers in the field, by also demonstrating the synergy between experimental and theoretical methods in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of chemistry. 

The Congress aimed to show how the physical-chemistry approach offers fundamental contributions, through experimental, theoretical and computer model methodologies, in fields ranging from astrochemistry, biochemistry, catalysis, soft-matter to materials science. The idea to present such a variety of topics was due to the intention of fostering the exchange of ideas between researchers involved in different fields. This was done by presenting a program that included thematic sessions and plenary conferences, so that researchers could demonstrate the synergy between experimental and theoretical methods in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of chemistry. 

E4 Computer Engineering participated in the National Congress of Physical Chemistry by giving a speech on its activities and contribution in European projectswhere Daniele Gregori, E4’s CSO, emphasized the importance of teamwork and international collaborations in that field. Among the projects mentioned on that occasion, there was also DECICE. Furthermore, DECICE poster was also showcased at a poster session which lasted for the whole duration of the event, allowing participants to ask questions and share experiences.

Find out more about DECICE at the “Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science” (ITADATA 2023) in our next News Article published on the 24th of November 2023.


Author: Maria Vittoria Fontanesi (E4)



CDCF 2023






European projects, High Performance Computing, HPC, Cloud

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